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Getting the most out of your truck is never more important than during the summer. No matter what make or model you have (Dodge, Ford, Chevrolet, etc.), a retractable tonneau cover can give your truck more versatility than ever as the warm weather rolls around. What is a Retractable Tonneau? Tonneaus are installed over the bed of a truck to protect the cargo inside the bed from weather elements and/or theft. With a tonneau cover, your truck can be used to haul all sorts of goods because you won't be limited by the weather. A retractable tonneau cover serves the same purpose, except it easily retracts back and forth (most with remote control) so you won't have to remove or lift the tonneau every time you load and unload cargo. With a retractable tonneau, you'll enjoy all the benefits of a regular tonneau but with timesaving features and a more innovative look and feel for your truck. High quality retractable bed covers will appear flush with your truck bed once installed, giving your truck a streamlined design. Retractable tonneaus will retract back 100 percent so you'll have full use of your truck bed. Folding tonneaus can often only be folded back part of the way, which restricts your access to the bed. Please note, however, that some retractable hard cover tonneaus can be latched into place at different intervals, for those times when you do want to limit the open space. Retractable tonneau covers can also be enhanced with a secure locking system. A remote control can be wired to lock both your truck doors and the tonneau all at once, or you can lock the tonneau separately. Installation in a Flash Brand name retractable tonneaus such as JackRabbit, Full Metal and Bedlocker by Pace Edwards can usually be installed in less than a half an hour. Some retractable tonneaus can be installed without drilling, such as the JackRabbit cover with a Speed Clamp system. The tonneau will come with easy-to-follow instructions, and most can be installed with everyday tools. If you're unsure about installing the tonneau on your own, you can easily view and print the instructions on the Web. These are available through some online retail stores that sell retractable tonneaus and from manufacturers' websites. This will give you an idea of what to expect so you'll have confidence to install your tonneau once it arrives. Summer Fun and Work If you're not sure how a retractable tonneau can benefit you this summer, here are just a few ideas. Do you like to fish or hunt? Imagine being able to lock your hunting gear or fishing poles and tackle away, hidden under your secure tonneau cover. You can easily get to your items when needed, but won't have to worry about someone stealing them if you stop by a convenient store or restaurant on the way! If a rain, hail or wind storm pops up while you're out and about, you won't have to worry about the items becoming wet or damaged. Taking a family outing will be easier with a retractable tonneau. Easily load picnic items, a cooler, toys for the kids, and luggage without worry of damage or theft. You can also install mount racks above the truck bed tonneau to haul bikes if you enjoy cycling. With a retractable tonneau you can have peace of mind while enjoying all the summer activities you love. If you work in construction, painting, electrical, remodeling, etc. you'll find a million and one benefits for having a tonneau cover. You can lock away valuable tools and supplies while on the job or out to lunch. This makes it easier to do your job, and your work items will be safe and secure throughout the day! Consider adding a retractable tonneau cover to your pickup truck for these benefits and more. You can easily order tonneaus online, and you'll never regret this useful truck upgrade! To learn more about subjects like retractable tonneau cover please visit the web site at:

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