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A Retractable Tonneau Cover Can Add a Finishing Touch to Your Chevrolet Truck

Whether you recently purchased a new Chevrolet pickup truck or wish to dress up an older model, consider adding a retractable tonneau cover by Pace Edwards. Retractable tonneaus or bed covers are not only useful but the right cover can add to the look and feel of your Chevrolet.

Retractable tonneau covers are installed over your truck bed to provide added storage and protection for gear, tools, luggage, groceries, and whatever else you need to store in your truck bed. The reason these are called retractable is because they can easily be retracted from front to back (and vice versa) when you need to load or unload your truck bed.

Pace Edwards offers some of the most durable and versatile tonneau covers on the market. The electric retractable tonneaus by Pace Edwards come with a remote control and secure lock mechanism. You can use the remote to retract and close your tonneau....a handy feature when you have your arms full of groceries or other items. Some have remote locks that allow you to lock your tonneau cover simultaneously with your door locks.


The retractable tonneau covers feature a deck and rails made of powder-coated black aluminum panel. They have a low-profile top cover with a contoured canister design. The electromagnetic brake locks can lock in various positions depending on the amount of space you'll need to uncover. There are hidden potted electronics that will not get damaged due to weather elements. For installation, the retractable tonneau covers for Chevrolet models use a clamp-in, no-drill design to easily install your tonneau in about 30 minutes or less.

Choosing a Retractable Tonneau for Your Chevrolet

Every Chevrolet truck model is different. The beds are of various widths and lengths, so you'll need to find a retractable tonneau that is specifically made for your Chevrolet. It's easy to do this online. Some sites provide drop-down menus from which you can select your Chevrolet model, series, bed width, etc. to narrow your search. This enables you to quickly find the right retractable tonneau without having to sift through hundreds of covers.

Example: You can find a tonneau cover for a 2009 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LS featuring a 69.3-inch bed (standard side), and a cargo channel system. The searches are that specific so you can easily order exactly what you need!

Then you can choose from a number of Pace Edward tonneaus, such as the Full Metal, Bedlocker or Jackrabbit varieties. Or, you can select other brands for different types of truck bed covers such as Truxedo, Undercover, Lund, Extang, etc. Other types of tonneaus include roll back and removable. These require more work to remove the cover; however, they are usually less expensive if you're on a limited budget.

Go online today to find the perfect match for your Chevrolet truck. You'll be amazed at the usefulness of a retractable tonneau cover, and might even wonder how you ever lived without it!

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