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Tips For Adding a Retractable Tonneau Cover to a GMC Truck

Tips for Adding a Retractable Tonneau Cover to a GMC Truck

GMC trucks have been on the market since the 1960s, and from the beginning, these trucks were engineered for manual labor and to be the ultimate work truck for handymen. Whether you own a GMC Canyon SLT truck or a different model, a retractable tonneau cover can add versatility to your truck.

Retractable tonneaus are designed to keep cargo safe and dry while on road trips or out on the job. There are various types of tonneau covers, including remote control or folding covers. Tonneaus with remote control are more expensive; however, they give you easy access to your cargo while enabling you to easily lock the tonneau in place when you exit the truck. With some remotes, you can lock the main truck doors and your tonneau cover simultaneously.

Installing a Retractable Tonneau on Your GMC Truck

Whether buying a Pace Edwards Full Metal Jackrabbit tonneau or some other type, it's important to search for the exact tonneau for your GMC model. Some retailers provide Web catalogs with which you can find the exact match...even your GMC truck bed style and size. This ensures proper fitting for your truck bed cover.

Installation Techniques

Check out the installation instructions online if possible. These will let you know the method and tools to be used...before you decide to order. Pace Edwards' retractable tonneaus can be installed without drilling. They use a clamp-in design for most applications, which makes installation go much smoother. With the Full Metal Jackrabbit retractable tonneau, installation should take about an hour or less depending on your skill level.

What Are Your Needs?

Shop for a retractable tonneau that meets your needs. GMC trucks come in various shapes and sizes. You'll want a truck bed cover that not only fits appropriately, but also one with a streamlined design. This means the tonneau will blend with your truck, and not stick out like a sore thumb! What determines this are the materials used and how it's installed. The low-profile contoured canister design works great for GMC trucks.

Will you use the tonneau to only haul items occasionally or do you plan to use it often? Will you be hauling expensive items such as tools, sporting gear, travel luggage, etc.? If so, then be sure the tonneau cover can be locked and tightly sealed to protect items from the weather elements. If you use your GMC truck for work, the retractable tonneau by Pace Edwards is a high quality truck bed cover that can save you money in the long run. It can even be counted as a business deduction for tax purposes!

Check out online retailers that sell Pace Edwards tonneaus such as Bedlocker, Jackrabbit, etc. You'll be able to use your GMC truck in more ways than one while keeping all your costly goods secure.

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