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A Retractable Tonneau Cover Can Make a Handyman's Days Go Smoother Anyone who owns a truck knows how advantageous it is to have the space for cargo. Those in the building trades appreciate their trucks even more, as livelihoods depend upon them. Whether you're a paid handyman in your local area or just enjoy fixing things around the house, having the right truck accessories is crucial to protect your valuable tools. You probably have all the common handyman tools - hammer, screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers, level, drill, tape, staple gun, ladder, plunger, flashlight, etc. But how can you organize and protect these items when on the job? Even while sleeping at night...will you have to gather and bring them all inside each evening? The answer is simple. Install a Pace Edwards retractable tonneau cover on your truck bed. Retractable tonneaus by Pace Edwards are designed to fit flush with your truck bed design. They retract backward and slide forward easily so you won't have to lift or struggle to open the bed cover every time you need access to your tools. Retractable truck covers can also be locked into place at various intervals or retract 100 percent if you need access to the full truck bed. Protection Like No Other With a retractable tonneau cover, your handyman tools will be protected from weather elements such as rain, sleet, snow, hail and wind. Being exposed to the elements continually can cause tools to rust and become permanently damaged. Not to mention you'll have to use wet tools when you arrive at a customer's home! There's also another type of protection you'll enjoy...and that's protection from tool theft. If left uncovered or unlocked, bandits can easily steal tools from your truck bed at a job site, restaurant or store parking lot, or even from your own driveway. Pace Edwards offers high quality retractable tonneaus that will lock securely when not in use. Some covers come with a remote control that can be wired so that your truck doors and tonneau will lock simultaneously. This feature comes in handy in case you forget to lock your tonneau cover. Another benefit is you can easily retract your tonneau to get tools out when you're in a hurry. Busy days when the customer calls keep pouring in will be much easier to handle when you don't have to struggle with a manually folded truck cover. A retractable tonneau slides back easily in just seconds so you can focus on the important aspects of your handyman tasks. Easy to Install You're obviously "handy" with tools, so installing a Pace Edwards retractable tonneau cover should be as easy as pie. Just follow the basic instructions, and you'll have added a valuable new feature to your truck within 30 minutes to an hour! Some tonneaus do require minor drilling. Some require no drilling, like the JackRabbit tonneau that utilizes the Speed Clamp system. Either way, you'll find that installing a tonneau is fairly simple, even for truck owners who are not handymen. Check out an online Pace Edwards dealer to find a retractable tonneau cover for your truck make and model. Pace Edwards offers a variety of cover styles to meet every need, including JackRabbit, Bedlocker and Full Metal JackRabbit. You'll also find other helpful truck accessories such as bed liners (to protect your truck bed from scratches, spills, etc.), mount racks, running boards, air intake systems and more. Consider this wise investment for your handyman business today! To learn more about subjects like retractable tonneau cover please visit the web site at:

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Steven. 2017-12-16 11:22:06

To ensure your truck body you have to introduce the Retractable Tonneau cover. Since on the off chance that you stop your truck in winter season outside or in summer the more warmth and wet place would harm your truck body. That dissertation help | Dissertation Time proposal insubordinately enlightening for the general population who have trucks trust.

Johan. 2018-02-10 09:25:56

I start with thank you for sharing such an instructive continues us. There's likewise another sort of security you'll enjoy...and that is assurance from apparatus burglary. On the off chance that left revealed or opened, desperado can without much of a stretch take apparatuses from your truck bed at an occupation site, eatery or store parking garage, or even from your own carport. I'm working at best essay writing service company Pace Edwards offers amazing retractable tonnes that will secure safely when not utilize.

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