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Guide to Retractable Tonneau Covers for Ford Trucks

Whether you drive a 1997 Ford Pickup F-250 or a 2006 F-350 Super Duty King Ranch, a retractable tonneau cover can greatly enhance the look and feel of your truck. Ford pickup trucks are some of the best on the road. They are tough, durable, smooth to operate, and can greatly improve a man's image. But without a retractable tonneau cover, your Ford truck's usability will be limited.

What is a Retractable Tonneau Cover?

These are truck bed accessories that cover the entire bed of the truck and seal that area. Tonneaus provide added storage for goods while protecting them from weather elements. Some retractable tonneau covers have security features such as remote control locks so you can secure valuables such as work tools, gear for fishing, hunting or camping, sports equipment, etc. The security lock keeps your items safe from theft any time you're away from your truck.

Special Features

Retractable tonneau covers can have various features to enhance your Ford truck. Some can be pulled open and closed with a pullstrap while others come with a remote control. Some can be latched into place every 12 inches along the rail so you can open it only a portion of the way if needed. When buying a retractable tonneau, be sure it has a clamp-in design so you won't have to do any drilling during installation. Also, look for features such as a rigid ArmorTec vinyl polymer deck material, aluminum roll formed panels and a contoured design so it will blend well with your particular Ford model design.

Tonneau Cover Brands

Although there are many brands that make tonneau covers, there are only a few manufacturers that make retractable tonneaus. One is Pace Edwards, which is the manufacturer of the Jackrabbit, Full Metal and Bedlocker truck bed products. Truck Covers USA offers the American Roll tonneau cover. There are also the BAK RollBack G2 and the Roll-N-Lock brands. Pace Edwards is known for its durability, easy installation and a great three-year warranty!

Check out all the features available from each manufacturer online before buying. And might have to pay a little more for fine quality. Read customer reviews and pay close attention to tonneau cover descriptions. Look for key features such as "water protection," "automatic or electric retractable" and "lockable tonneau."

As you shop for a retractable tonneau cover, you'll need to select the make and model of your Ford truck to find out what's available for that particular truck model and size. Tonneaus are made to fit exact Ford models as well as other types of trucks such as Chevrolet and Dodge. This ensures that the tonneau will fit tightly and securely while protecting all your tools and gear from moisture, sunlight, snow, ice, etc.

Ford retractable tonneau covers also make a great gift for the Ford truck lover. If your dad, husband, brother or uncle has a Ford truck but could use added protection for his truck bed, consider a retractable tonneau for his birthday or Christmas. It's a great gift that will be used day after day!

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