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Chip Programmers

These computer reprogrammers from Bullydog, Superchips, Edge, and Hypertech offer a wide variety of vehicle reprograming. From mild to wild these programmers will add great horspower torque and fuel efficiency to your Gas or Diesel pickup truck. Diesel horsepower increases up to 230 HP and gas up to 35HP. Most programmers offer 3-5 different power level setting from a low horse high torque towing setting to the extreme and highest horsepower gains. These programmers will also offer diagnostic capabilities, wheel and tire resizing for true speedometer readings. Also available are low power fuel efficientcy maximizing programmers designed specifically to get the most MPG out of your vehicle.

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Computer Chip Programmer
Bully Dog Chip Programmers

Bully Dog

Bully Dog was formed in 1998 in Aberdeen, Idaho. Since then Bullydog has become a dominating force in the automotive performance market. The innovaters of the reprogrammable performance module allowing you not only to update your system online but to also switch it to anothervehicle. The engineers have specialized in not only offering what many other companies offer, but offering new practical technologies that no one else does. From programable chips and engine monitoring to exhaust, air intakes, cold air induction systems, ram air induction systems to propane injection, gas or diesel Bullydog has it all. Unleash the power today and increase your vehicles horspower, fuel efficiency and the overall fun you have when you get behind the wheel with an American made bullydog programmer today!

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Edge Products Programmers

Edge Products

Founded in 1999, Edge Products has become the premier name for aftermarket performance electronics. Initially, the company was built on its efforts to produce performance electronics for diesel-powered trucks. Over the years, however, Edge has expanded its offerings to include cutting-edge products for the gas, truck, and Jeep markets. Edge has been named three times to the Inc. 500's fastest growing privately held companies, and was noted as Utah's fourth fastest growing company between 1999 and 2004. Edge currently employs more than 100 individuals and resides in a 40,000 square foot facility in Ogden, Utah. Edge produces modules and programmers for all major vehicle manufacturers, including Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Jeep, and RV under the following brands: the A2, Juice, Attitude, Evolution, EZ, Insight, Mileage Max, and Trail Jammer. Since its inception, Edge has been known for the power its modules and programmers produce. However, what sets the company apart from its competitors is its monitoring capabilities. Coupled with the additional gains in horsepower, Edge's ability to display multiple engine parameters - and to provide associated safety features for those parameters on its stylish in-cab monitors - has revolutionized the industry. Edge endeavors to produce the highest quality products on the market and to deliver them with superior customer and technical support. On March 31, 2006, became a part of the MSD Performance Family (Which includes MSD Ignition, Superchips and Racepak).

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Hypertech Chip Programmers


Hypertech is a technology-driven company with a unique status in the aftermarket industry. Unlike other speed equipment manufacturers that produce hard parts like camshafts and cylinder heads, our core product is knowledge the ability to tune the complex computers that control essential functions in modern automobiles. We have invested in people, not machinery. The knowledge and skill of the Hypertech team are our most valuable assets. Our staff of engineers and technicians has degrees in a variety of disciplines, including electrical engineering, computer science, and mechanical engineering. Hypertech people know computers from the inside out! The Hypertech team is passionate about performance. We have racers, hot rodders, and performance enthusiasts on our staff. You'll find modified trucks and street machines in our employee parking lot. We build project cars and use our trucks for towing on weekends. We come from different backgrounds, but we have all learned to appreciate the tremendous power of electronic engine controls to improve performance on the street as well as on the race track. Hypertech is the technology leader in High-performance engine tuning computer-controlled vehicles. Electronic engine controls have evolved rapidly since their introduction in the early '80s. Hypertech has kept pace with these rapid advances in technology by developing power tuning products that take advantage of the capabilities of these electronic controls. Early automotive computers used replaceable PROMs or chips to calibrate the Electronic Control Module (ECM) for a specific engine, powertrain, and vehicle combination. Hypertech created the original Power Chips to recalibrate these electronic brains for improved performance. As the power of digital systems expands, Hypertech will continue to design and manufacture power tuning products that are on the cutting edge of technology.

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Superchips Chip Programmers


Performance. Bang for your buck. Flexibility. Tire smoking. Fuel economy. Better towing. Information. More features than the other guys. We know what you want, and Superchips is the solution. We deliver specialized performance and features for your vehicle. Holy Crap performance. The kind of performance that leaves you asking, is this legal? Barely. The kind of performance you can’t live without once you’ve experienced it. And the kind of quality and support that leaves you with no regrets. Superchips offers the broadest vehicle coverage, so you’re more likely to find what you’re looking for here than anywhere else. But one size definitely does not fit all. Our engineering teams develop solutions specific for each vehicle. You don’t get 25 years in the business by delivering mediocre products. Superchips is simply the best-selling brand in the business. All of our products are easy to use, flexible and easy to update when you want to. Click on one of the tabs to the left to learn what Superchips can do for you.

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