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Exhaust Systems

Replacing the factory "restirctive" exhaust system is one of the best bolt on accessories you can do for any gas or diesel engine to increase the vehicles fuel efficiency and power. The more air you can bring into the vehicle and take out, the more efficiently your engine will operate. If your are looking for Horsepower or fuel efficiency improvements or both, an aftermarket exhaust system is one of the first places you should look. Available in single outlet or dual outlet, loud and aggressive or queit and mild all perfromance exhaust systems will show an increase to your horsepower and increase fuel efficiency. We offer the best in exhaust systems from AFE power, Gibson performance, Flowmaster Exhaust, and magnaflow. You may also look into a Cold air intake system from K&N performance, AFE, Air Aid, and AEM. Cold air intakes and performance exhaust systems will work together to maximize air flow in and out.

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Exhaust Systems
aFe Power Exhaust Systems

aFe Power


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Flowmaster Exhaust Systems


Flowmaster operates the only exhaust Research & Design facilities of its kind in the world, centered around the SuperFlow SF-7100 engine dynamometer complete with E.C.A. (engine cycle analysis) equipment and also SuperFlow chassis dyno's. Through use of these dyno's, Flowmasters engineering staff can track the complete engine cycle in millionths of a second and can obtain exact technical data of each degree of cam rotation, from induction to the tip of the exhaust system, while also showing the power numbers that really matter, the power numbers to the ground. Flowmaster also utilizes Spectrum Analyzers to fine tune the sound of each of the eleven different series of mufflers that Flowmaster currently offers, both for peak performance and just the right sound levels and tones. Flowmasters product line includes exhaust products for Performance Street, Muscle cars, Trucks, Street Rods, RV's, Motorhomes, and all types of race applications. With over 400 different muffler models, 370+ exhaust systems and numerous exhaust accessories available, Flowmaster offers you the choice of sound to fit your sound preference from wild to mild and of your specific vehicle needs. Call our experienced tech staff for live help and detailed information regarding your vehicles. With Ray still active and hands on with the R&D department in the development, not only of new exhaust products, but also with new technologies currently being tested in third and new R&D facility, the future looks to be very exciting indeed.

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Gibson Performance Exhaust Systems

Gibson Performance

Gibson Exhaust offers a complete line of Power Sport Exhaust systems for all your side by side and sandrail needs. Check out Gibson Exhaust full marine muffler line. Gibson performance exhausts systems and Gibson mufflers are easy to install with their bolt-on and add-on systems you can increase your horsepower, torque. Made in the USA.

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MagnaFlow Performance Exhaust Systems

MagnaFlow Performance

MagnaFlow Performance Exhaust has spent 25 years earning a reputation as a market leader around the world. Today, we at Car Sound/MagnaFlow are extremely proud of this and stake our 25 years of experience and reputation on each and every one of our products. Each new product we develop is personally evaluated by me and tested by our team of designers and engineers, then field tested to ensure that these products meet our stringent quality and performance standards. On May 18, 2000 Car Sound/MagnaFlow Performance Exhaust was awarded the ISO-9001 certificate. ISO-9001 is an international quality standard created by the International Organization for Standardization to define quality management and manufacturing systems. It has 20 specific design, material, and process requirements that help MagnaFlow/Car Sound ensure customer satisfaction with our products and services. ISO-9001 certified companies are re-audited every six months to ensure that quality standards are maintained. Together, we stand united in our passion to deliver the best performing, most durable and capable exhaust components in the world. As we go forward, you'll slowly start to witness a change as we segue fully into the MagnaFlow Performance Exhaust brand identity, a name that has achieved global recognition. This change will simply help people from both sides of our business understand that high quality and high performance is part of our mantra's in our name.

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