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Truck Bed Liners

We offer a wide variety of bedprotection to meet your specific needs. From the simple form fit rubber mats to full coverage bedliners made in platsic, full weather carpet and spray in look a like drop in liners, we have it all! Bedliners from Wise Industries; bedrug and bedtread, and Nifty.

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BedRug Bed Liners


BedRug by Wise Industries is the ultimate in truck bed protection. With several different models that will fit most any application for your pickup truck the bedrug is the best warranted liner of any other liner on the market. Bedrug will carry a lifetime warranty on manufactures defect, fading staining, dry-rot and mildew this carpeted liner is no sissy. Designed to be used with or without a bedcover in the open environment. Bedrug also offers a bedrug mat covering only the floor area with two units designed for use with either a raw bed or sprayed in bedliner along with a specific application to be used with a plastic drop in liner. Also the bedrug bedtred, Wise industries newest addition to their bed protection line, which is a velcro applied, sprayed on bedliner look alike giving all the protection of a sprayed in liner without the permanent non removability.

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Nifty Bed Liners


Our belief is that just because a truck is used for work, doesn't mean it should look like a work-truck. It is possible to elegantly craft rugged and strong products and still maintain a clean look of sophistication and style. We endeavor to produce products that are not only functional and practical, but made to match OE lines and existing accents on your specific pickup truck. All BAK products speak for themselves in terms of quality and appearance. A tremendous amount of thought and creative styling is evident in every product manufactured by Nifty. Over the years, Nifty has grown from strength to strength with our loyal support and commitment to our customers around the world. We endeavor to continue to better ourselves with each passing year, taking a personal interest in all of our customers businesses to ensure them of the finest quality bedliners and service world wide!

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